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Vegan Meal Plan

Our vegan meals are high in plant protein

and packed full of flavour. Delivered to your

door and ready in minutes, we give you time

back in the day to achieve your goals.

benefit1 20g+ plant protein in each meal
benefit1 11 vegan meal options
benefit1 Conscious clean eating

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High in Plant-Based Protein

My Muscle Chef’s vegan meal range offers
flavourful, wholesome meals that boasts up to

22g of plant-based protein

in each serve, using
a variety of meat alternatives.

vegan curry tofu


Contains all 9 essential amino acids. Great source of magnesium, copper, zinc and vitamin B1.



A good source of fibre and protein, while also being rich in vitamin K and B6.

alternative meat


All the delicious taste and texture of the real thing, but 100% plant-based.

vegan beans


Packed with soluble fibre to help keep your gut healthy, as well as help lower cholesterol.

14 Meals - $144.95

Vegan Booster

This wholesome, meat-free
collection of vegan meals delivered to your door includes a
variety of plant-based alternatives
to give you a satisfying protein hit.



per meal
+ Add vegan snacks for an extra boost!

Health Benefits of
a Vegan Diet

Energy Boost

Vegan diets are high in
B-Vitamins which help manage
stress & boost energy

Gut Health

Fibre rich food helps improve gut health & strenghtens your immune system

Health Boost

Vegan diets lower your risk of health conditions such as heart disease

Conscious Eating

You’re doing your bit for the environment. Take care of yourself & the planet.