Protein Muffins

Indulge without the guilt with our
scrumptious high Protein Muffins
packed with 16g protein. The perfect
on-the-go snack that will satisfy your
sweet cravings.

High Protein Snack in
3 delicious flavours

My Muscle Chef Double Choc Muffin
Double Choc
Flavoured Protein Muffin
Indulge in heavenly dark and
white chocolate chips, freshly
oven baked with an irresistibly
soft centre.
My Muscle Chef Raspberry & White Choc Muffin
Raspberry & White Choc
Flavoured Protein Muffin
Satisfy your sweet tooth with creamy
white chocolate chips and a delicious
raspberry flavoured soft centre to
delight your sweet cravings.
My Muscle Chef Banana & Walnut Muffin
Banana & Walnut
Flavoured Protein Muffin
A Savour delicious banana flavoured
soft centre muffin with crunchy
walnuts for your next on-the-go
snack without the guilt.