High Protein

Our Cookies are the ultimate

on-the-go snack

packed with 25g

of protein

. Great for post workout
or to combat the 3pm dip.

High Protein Snack in

3 Delicious


Choc Chip
Protein Cookie

With the goodness of high protein, added
prebiotic fibre and only 8g of sugar, our
soft and crumbly Choc Chip Protein
Cookies are the perfect way to
refuel post-workout or simply enjoy
it as a snack on-the-go.

Salted Caramel & Macadamia
Protein Cookie

Salted Caramel and Macadamia is the
perfect hit of sweet and salty without
the guilt. Packed with 25g of whey protein
concentrate, added prebiotic fibre and
only 7g of sugar, it's sure to give
your taste buds a hit post-workout
or on-the-go.

Triple Choc
Protein Cookie

Indulge without a guilty conscience in our
Triple Choc Protein Cookie, a decadent
combination of milk, white and dark
chocolate chips with a milk chocolate
chewy centre. The perfect nutrition-packed
cookie with 25g of protein, gut-friendly
prebiotic fibre and only 8g of sugar.

Key Benefits

25g of Protien

To support muscle strength & fuel recovery

Source of Prebiotic Fibre

Supports overall digestive health

Oven Baked

Crispy on the outside, soft and crumbly inside

Quick & Convenient

Enjoy on-the-go, in the gym, home or office

Post Workout Snack

To fuel recovery

3 ways to order our
High Protein Cookies


Custom Meal Plan

Add cookies to your
Custom Meal Plan from the
Snacks category


Meal Pack

Add cookies as
add-ons to your
Meal Pack


Goal Based Plan

Select a cookie for your
daily snack option in your
Goal Based Plan

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Ryan Pinto
Head Nutritionist & Dietitian
Our high protein, low carb cookies
are a great alternative to helping
curb those sweet cravings and
assist with fuelling recovery. Our
unique low carb recipe contains
an unmatched 25g blend of high
quality whey protein and egg
whites to ensure you maximise
your recovery.
Check out our full range
of Protein Cookies


Our Protein Cookies are made with fast acting whey protein and a delicious combination of ingredients with gut friendly prebiotic fibre. They’ve been specifically formulated to be a great high protein snack as a post workout recovery option or simply to enjoy on-the-go between home and the office.

Our high protein cookies are great to have between meals as a healthy snack, as a post workout recovery option, or even as a late night treat. The combination of whey protein and prebiotic fibre will keep you feeling satisfied on-the-go, allowing you to avoid those high sugary foods post 3pm or during the evenings after dinner.

With the combination of whey protein, egg whites, good fats from nuts and prebiotic fibre they make for a healthy high protein snack. Our Protein Cookies are a great natural alternative which are free from added sugars, preservatives, flavours and colours that can sometimes be found in other protein cookies.

Our cookies are a great light alternative for those who may not feel like consuming a proper meal. They digest slower than other sugar-filled snack bars, which will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Protein Cookies can help people lose weight by curbing unwanted snacking urges and reducing your desire for foods high in sugar. The main benefit of our Protein Cookies is their high protein content with added prebiotic fibre, which promote muscle recovery and keeps you feeling fuller for longer .

Our Protein Cookies are vegetarian as they contain dairy protein and eggs. Unfortunately they aren’t vegan at this stage.

Our protein cookies do not naturally contain gluten as we only use a gluten free flour blend, however we are not currently certified gluten free. We would not recommend consuming these if you are coeliac or allergic to gluten. We are in the process of attaining formal certification to ensure the safety of our customers.