High Protein

Our Cookies are the ultimate on-the-

go snack, packed with up to

25g of

Enjoy as a tasty post workout
treat or to combat the 3pm dip!

My Muscle Chef High Protein Cookies 4 Flavours

Key Benefits

Up to 25g Protein
To support muscle strength
& fuel recovery
Dairy and plant-based
To suit every taste and lifestyle
Source of prebiotic fibre
Supports overall digestive health
Oven Baked
For the perfect soft and crumbly texture
Quick and convenient
Enjoy on-the-go, in the
gym, home or office

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Protein Cookie
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Plant-Based Cookie
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My Muscle Chef Ryan Pinto Head Nutritionist with MYMC Products
Our high protein cookies are a great snack
to take care of sweet cravings or
throughout the day or to assist with
fuelling recovery. Containing up to 25g of
protein and prebiotic fibre, our range
includes plant-based options to help fuel
everybody’s active lifestyle and dietary
Ryan Pinto
Head Nutritionist & Dietitian
My Muscle Chef Range of Protein Cookies for Breakfast
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of Protein Cookies


Our high protein cookies are made with 20-25g of fast acting protein and a delicious combination of ingredients with gut friendly prebiotic fibre. They’ve been specifically formulated to be a great high protein snack as a post workout recovery option or simply to enjoy on-the-go between home and the office.

Our Protein Cookies contain whey as the main source of protein, whereas our Plant-Based Protein Cookies are powered by the goodness of wheat protein. Our entire cookie range contains gut-friendly prebiotic fibre to help support your digestive health and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Protein Cookies can help people lose weight by curbing unwanted snacking urges and reducing your desire for foods high in sugar. The main benefit of our Protein Cookies is their high protein content with added prebiotic fibre, which promotes muscle recovery and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Our protein cookie range is not certified gluten-free and we would not recommend consuming these if you are coeliac or allergic to gluten. We use a gluten-free flour blend in our Protein Cookies, whereas our Plant-Based Protein Cookies contain wheat protein.

Our Plant-Based cookies are vegan-friendly as they contain no animal products. Our Protein Cookies are not suitable for vegans as they contain protein from dairy and eggs.