Oat Slices

Start your morning the right way with our oven
baked Oat Slices. Your on-the-go breakfast or
morning snack is now sorted.

Oat Slices in

3 Scrumptious


Apple and Cinnamon
Oat Slice

Tasty dried apple pieces are combined with
wholegrain oats and a touch of cinnamon,
chia seeds and pecans for extra crunch.

Maple Syrup and
Almond Butter
Oat Slice

Sweet maple syrup and moreish almond butter, combined with wholegrain oats and
chia seeds for extra crunch.

Chocolate and Almond
Oat Slice

Cocoa powder and creamy milk chocolate chips, combined with wholegrain oats, chia seeds
and almond pieces for extra crunch.