My Muscle Chef Low Carb Bars

Low Carb Bars

The perfect snack for anyone on the
keto diet, or anyone looking for a
flavourful, low carb, high protein boost.
Coming in 6 delicious flavours, there’s
one for every taste to give you a
convenient hit of keto on-the go!

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Low Carb for
guilt-free snacking

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Up to 11g of

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Quick &

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100% plant-based

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Gluten free

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Full of good fats

6 Delicious


My Muscle Chef Choc Chip Cookie Dough Bar
Choc Chip
Cookie Dough
It’s like you’re eating the real thing, but
deliciously low in carbs! An authentic
cookie dough taste coupled with
its famed fudgy texture,it’ll melt both in
your mouth and your heart. Creamy
choc chips complement a light crispiness.
My Muscle Chef Salted Caramel Bar Low Carb
Salted Caramel
This flavour is a modern classic and it’s
easy to see why. It’s smooth, rich and
boasts an enchanting aroma.
Sweet, salty, soft and chewy,
it’s everything you want in a snack.
My Muscle Chef Choc Berry Crunch Bar
Choc Berry
Chewy yet crunchy and a carnival of
flavours. A decadent red jelly made
from real cranberries will tantalise
your buds. A nutty, chocolate
aroma will absolutely delight you.
My Muscle Chef Honeycomb Carb Bar
We’ve been busy bees at MYMC in
concocting this soft and chewy treat.
Hokey pokey pieces give that
authentic honeycomb crunch to combine
with an authentic honeycomb aroma.

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My Muscle Chef Ryan Pinto, Head Nutritionist & Dietitian

Ryan Pinto

Head Nutritionist & Dietitian

Our Low Carb Bars are a delicious
snack filled with nutrient-rich
plant-based protein, and are
lower in sugar to help keep your
health goals on track. They are
filled with good fats from nuts
and seeds to help maintain those
energy levels whilst providing you
with a guilt free snack on-the-go.

Benefits of a
Low Carb Diet

A low carb diet is a great way to help manage energy levels and has been proven to be a great way to help people lose weight and take back control over their unwanted hunger cravings. Apart from being commonly used as a great way to help with weight loss, it is generally used to help manage chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

A low carb diet focuses on regular consumption of high quality protein - great for maintaining energy levels and help boost recovery after exercise. Its also rich in nutrient dense fruits and vegetables which are high in fibre and support a healthy digestive system whilst keeping you feeling full and maintaining energy levels throughout the day.

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