Tasty Bite-Sized Energy Boosts

Check out My Muscle Chef’s range of delicious, high protein snacks, with plenty of low carb, vegan and gluten free options available. Our healthy protein bites are made with natural ingredients so you can snack confidently, knowing you’re still nourishing your body. Whether you’re fuelling your body before a workout, replenishing post-exercise or combatting the 3pm dip, our high protein snacks are the perfect solution.

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Low Carb, High Flavour

It can be hard to find a low carb snack option that’s still appealing to the taste buds but we’ve worked hard to bring you plenty, with flavours including Peanut Butter Choc and Choc Caramel Fudge. Beat the bloat with a bite, stacked full of protein, flavour and texture you’ll love.


Low Carb Protein Bite Flavours
Vegan Protein Bites | Plant-Based

High Protein Vegan Snacks

“Where do you get your protein?” is a barb frequently thrown at vegans, but the fact is, plant-based protein is plentiful. As our are high protein vegan snacks, with 6 vegan options to choose from in our range! These include Hazelnut Crisp and Chunk Choc Popcorn, so you know they’re as tasty as can be too.

Gluten Free

Gluten free snacks that are healthy, full of flavour and high in protein? That feels like a difficult checklist to tick off, but you can easily do so with our Protein Bites. Flavours include Cookie Dough and Chunky Choc Popcorn, so you know you’re free from gluten but not from flavour.

Gluten Free Protein Bites

Protein Bite Bundles

Protein Bites: Variety 6 Pack


A selection of 6 Protein Bites

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Protein Bites: Variety 12 Pack


A selection of 12 Protein Bites

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What People Are Saying

Sarah Wall

Sarah Wall

Former Professional Netball Player

The My Muscle Chef Bites are one of my fave, go-to snacks when I'm feeling I need a lift and pick-me-up. Delicious, nutritious and perfect for when I’m on-the-go! They taste amazing and I’m yet to find a flavour I don’t like.

Scott Henderson

Scott Henderson

Editor of Men’s Health

I’m always hungry and snacking during work. Having a MYMC Bite handy means that when I snack between meals, I’m reaching for something that’s going to be good for my body and complements my training, rather than undoing it!

Lauren Checkley

Lauren Checkley

Fitness Coach

The MYMC Bites are my go-to snack for when I’m racing between jobs and training. Perfect for ensuring I’m getting added protein, they’re also tasty and free from harmful nasties. Cookie Dough is my favourite but I love them all!

Try our delicious protein-packed Bites today

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