Protein Shakes

Shake up your routine with our healthy Protein Shakes, packed with up to 34g of protein to FUEL EVERY BODY ™. Muscle recovery, renewed energy and refreshing flavours are just a sip away.

Protein Shakes in 5 delicious flavours

These flavourful Oat Slices are the perfect on-the-go breakfast or morning snack for a quick energy boost packed with nutrients and bursting with flavour.
Protein Shake: Chocolate Flavoured
Rich chocolatey flavours with zero guilt. This post-workout shake is the ultimate treat.
Protein Shake: Vanilla & Cinnamon Flavoured
A classic flavour with a splash of spice. Our healthy Vanilla & Cinnamon Flavoured Protein Shake is straight-up sensational.
Protein Shake: Mango & Coconut Flavoured
Brighten up your day with our refreshing Mango & Coconut Flavoured Protein Shake. It’s fruity fresh.
Protein Shake: Strawberry Flavoured
Our Strawberry Flavoured Protein Shake will be sure to hit your sweet spot and boost your energy.
Protein Shake: Mocha Flavoured
Kick-start your day with this invigorating blend of coffee, chocolate and protein.

Protein-packed perks

Feel good on the inside and out with these full-flavoured healthy Protein Shakes. Stay energised and satisfied on the go.
Up to 34g of Protein
To fuel active lifestyles
3g of Creatine
Aids muscle recovery
Low Sugar, Low Fat
Supports health goals
L-Carnitine & Green Tea
Enhances fat metabolism

Pick up a power pack

Enjoy the savings when you try our healthy protein snack combos
6 Pack
SAVE 15%
Low Carb Snack Pack
6 Pack
SAVE 21%
Protein Shake: Variety 6 Pack
10 Pack
SAVE 20%
Ultimate Protein Snack Pack
"These protein-packed shakes are a delicious option for busy individuals looking to support their training, fuel recovery, or for those wanting to stay on track throughout the day. Our Protein Shakes are topped up with a dose of creatine and a unique fat-metabolising blend, enhancing your energy without compromising your health."
Ryan Pinto
Advanced Sports Dietitian

Hit your fitness goals with our delicious protein shakes. With over 34g of protein, L-Carnitine & Green Tea, our high protein shakes are perfect for hitting your fitness goals. Enjoy 5 flavours including Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla & Cinnamon, Mocha, and Mango & Coconut blends all of which are low in sugar, fat and calorie content. Get our healthy low calorie protein shakes delivered to your door today.