High Protein Cookies

The ultimate snack for busy bees, our healthy protein cookies are packed with up to 25g of protein. Treat yourself post-workout or combat the 3pm slump with guilt-free goodness.

High protein cookies in 6 tasty flavours

Choose up to 4 flavours in each range, from salted caramel and macadamia to punchy peanut butter choc.
Protein Cookies
These tasty snacks are loaded with fast-acting whey protein, gut-friendly prebiotic fibre and only 8g of sugar.
Plant-Based Cookies
Powered by 20g of plant protein and gut-friendly prebiotic fibre, our vegan-friendly cookies come in 3 melt-in-your-mouth flavours.

Key benefits

Containing up to 25g of high quality protein and made with gut friendly prebiotic fibre, these deliciously sweet protein cookies are the perfect high protein snack to fuel post-workout recovery or to enjoy-on-the go.

Up to 25g Protein

Curbs hunger and supports a healthy lifestyle

Source of prebiotic fibre

Supports overall digestive health

Oven Baked

For an irresistibly soft and crumbly texture

Quick and convenient

A snack for any place, any time

Snack on these packs!

The more the merrier! Stock up on our cookie bundles and enjoy these tasty savings.
6 Pack
SAVE 15%
Low Carb Snack Pack
3 Pack
SAVE 19%
Protein Cookie Snack Pack
3 Pack
SAVE 19%
Plant-Based Protein Cookie 3 Pack
"Swap a sugar-loaded cookie with one of our healthy and delicious high protein alternatives. Containing up to 25g of protein and prebiotic fibre to help fuel everybody’s active lifestyle and dietary requirements."
Ryan Pinto
Advanced Sports Dietitian

Craving something sweet and healthy? Our delicious protein cookies are the perfect snack for anyone who wants the fuel their day. With 25g of protein in each cookie, they work as both a post workout recovery snack or a mid-day pick-me-up. Pick from 6 flavours including salted caramel, macadamia, and punchy peanut butter choc. Order today and enjoy our high protein cookies!