Protein Bar Variety Pack


Can't decide which bar? Try them all with our mixed pack!

Containing 7 bars, one of every flavour of our Protein Recovery Bars and Protein Crisp Bars

Recovery Bars: Specially developed by our team of dietitians, our recovery bars are loaded with all the Protein, Amino-acids and Electrolytes you need for that post-workout recovery.

1x Cookies & Cream Recovery Bar
1x Salted Caramel Recovery Bar
1x Double Choc Fudge Recovery Bar
1x Peanut Butter Choc Recovery Bar

Crisp Bars: Level up your post-workout routine with our High Protein, Low Carb crisp bars. Each bar is packed with 22g Protein and over 4g gut-loving Dietary Fibre to keep you on top of your game.

1x Raspberry White Choc Crisp Bar
1x Caramel Fudge Crisp Bar
1x Rocky Road Crisp Bar

Muscle Building

What's in this pack