Caramel & Sea Salt Protein Ball


Like a match made in heaven, our delectable, Caramel & Sea Salt Protein Balls pack a flavour punch and a protein hit worthy of the gods.        

With a creme caramel filling, encased in an all-natural, high-protein shell, this 10-gram protein punch will satisfy the unholiest of cravings, morning, noon or night. Specially developed by our team of dietitians, our Protein Balls are loaded with natural flavours and high-quality ingredients to deliver everything you need, and nothing you don't.

- 10g protein
- Indulgent creme filling
- Natural flavours
- Low carb

No Added Eggs
No Added Gluten
No Added Seafood
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Low Carb
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High protein
Natural flavours
Indulgent creme centre
Nutritional Info