Protein Ball 12 Pack: White Choc Strawberry


Introducing our 12-pack Strawberry White Choc Protein Balls – a delightful blend of flavour and protein goodness. Featuring a luscious strawberry creme filling inside a protein-packed white choc flavoured shell, each ball offers a satisfying 10 grams of protein. Perfect for a morning energizer, afternoon delight, or pre-workout boost, these Protein Balls are crafted with natural flavours and premium ingredients by our expert dietitian team. Enjoy a guilt-free snack that supports your active lifestyle, delivering essential nutrients without unnecessary extras. Treat yourself to a tasty and nutritious option that's low in carbs and high in satisfaction.

No Added Eggs
No Added Gluten
No Added Seafood
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Low Carb
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High protein
Natural flavours
Indulgent creme centre

What's in this pack