Middle Eastern Lamb

With Spiced Pilaf & Garlic Sauce


Hailing from the colourful markets of the Middle East this gem of a dish dazzles with exotic flavours. Lean lamb mince is the jewel in the crown, cooked with crushed tomatoes, carrot, onion, Kalamata olives and fennel. Topped with a rich garlic sauce and accompanied by vibrant spiced pilaf studded with sultanas and almond flakes, this is a low-calorie sensation to be treasured.

No Added Eggs
No Added Seafood
Middle Eastern
Low Calorie
High Fibre
Dietitian's Pick
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Lo-Cal Range
  • Flavourful, portion-controlled meals with less than 400 calories per serve to help support weight loss and calorie control.

  • Contains at least 20% of your daily recommended intake per serve to help you reach your daily dose of vegetables

  • Meal favourites that are guilt-free and don't compromise on taste

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