100% Whey 3 Pack: French Vanilla Crème

Recovery Protein Powder


Experience the elegance of our French Vanilla Crème protein powder. The perfect blend of silky flavours to deliver a refined post workout drink. Bulk up your order with our 3 pack value option:

3x French Vanilla Cème

Loaded with 100% whey protein, magnesium, amino-acids (BCAAs) and electrolytes, this great tasting, protein rich powder is the perfect post workout aid to assist muscle recovery.

No Added Gluten
No Added Nuts
No Added Seafood
Low Carb
Muscle Building
Low Sugar
Low Calorie
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Made with 100% whey
Low carb
Magnesium for recovery
6.7g of BCAA
Electrolytes for hydration

What's in this pack