PLUS+ Large Meals

When you're pushing yourself to the limit, our PLUS+ meals range gives you the high-quality macros you need for peak performance. Designed by dietitians, these larger servings of your favourite meals are packed with the extra high quality protein and calories your body craves.

Key benefits

These flavourful Oat Slices are the perfect on-the-go breakfast or morning snack for a quick energy boost packed with nutrients and bursting with flavour.
High Protein

Over 50% larger*

Our most popular meals with a second serve built in.

High Protein

More protein

Extra high-quality protein for fast recovery and muscle growth.

High Protein

More calories

Get the energy you need to rip into your next workout.

High Protein

Ready when you are

No prep, no cooking, save time for more important things.

*Compared to the equivalent standard meal size.

PLUS+ range

PLUS+ Meals
50% larger servings of your favourite dietitian-designed ready meals, with the extra protein and calories you need for maximum performance.
PLUS+ Protein
The quick and easy way to balance your macros with at least 50g of high-quality protein for muscle building and recovery.
"Our PLUS+ meals are designed for those who are looking to satisfy their appetite, improve their recovery, and focus on lean muscle growth. With a 50% larger serving of your favourite meals, our PLUS+ range contains at least 50g of high quality protein to deliver on performance and satisfaction."
Ryan Pinto
Advanced Sports Dietitian