Keto Meal Plan Made Easy
Switch out high carb foods for healthy fats and protein. Fuel your day with our delicious pack of low carb meals and keto-friendly snacks that will give you the freedom to achieve your goals.

Benefits of a keto diet

These flavourful Oat Slices are the perfect on-the-go breakfast or morning snack for a quick energy boost packed with nutrients and bursting with flavour.

Healthy Weight Loss

Increased efficiency of fat metabolism through ketones can assist with healthy keto weight loss.

Heart Health

Can assist with managing conditions such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease.

Sustained Energy

Slow digestion of healthy fats and protein leads to sustained energy levels, which can promote mental acuity and focus.

Focus & Mental Clarity

Improved focus and mental clarity without the constant rises and dips in energy throughout the day.

Check out our tasty keto friendly range

Create your own personalised low calorie meal plan with our custom Menu Builder! This makes it easy to curate a menu just for you, with a mix of meals, snacks, drinks and sides. And the best part? The more meals you add, the more you save!
High Protein
13 keto meals, 3 protein bars, 2 protein shakes
High Protein
High in protein and healthy fats
High Protein
Less than 15g of carbs per serve

Keto-Friendly Pack

My Muscle Chef has curated a delicious array of healthy keto meals, snacks and drinks that are filled with all the nutrient dense ingredients you need to get started. The convenience and variety make it a great keto meal plan for beginners and those who eat keto meals regularly.
6 Pack
SAVE 15%
Low Carb Snack Pack
18 Items
Keto Friendly Pack
"A keto diet plan can be a great option for people who want to lose weight but struggle with portion control. A keto meal plan provides you with a nutritional focus, based around natural foods. These foods are sustainably sourced and packed full of high quality protein, good fats and nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables."
Ryan Pinto
Advanced Sports Dietitian