Healthy Breakfast
Kick start your morning with our healthy, high protein breakfast range. Packed full of flavour and nutrition, you’ll have the right energy you need to tackle the day.

Protein Oats

Wholesome, high protein breakfast

Nourish your body with these nutrient-dense Protein Oats, available in 3 heavenly flavours.
21g+ plant-based protein
Gut-friendly prebiotic fibre
100% Australian wholegrain oats

Protein Yoghurt

Low calorie breakfast or mid-morning snack

Boost your energy with our fresh and fruity Protein Yoghurts. Light brekkies and mid-morning snacks just got better.
20g high-quality protein
Rich in calcium for healthy bones
Less than 220 calories

Breakfast Meals

Hot, hearty and high protein

Seize the day and your appetite with one of our hot breakfasts. A quick, easy and healthy way to fuel your body and mind.
24g+ high-quality protein
Low sugar, big flavour
Low carb breakfast

Key benefits

Boosts Energy

Key nutrients enhance mental and physical vitality

Increases Metabolism

Complex carbs and high protein breakfasts promote a fast metabolism

Gut Health

Fibre-rich foods support digestive health and our immune system

Memory, Mood & Concentration

Balanced breakfasts stabilise blood sugar levels to maintain focus and mood

Breakfast bundles

Stay on track! Stock up and save with our healthy breakfast bundles.
6 Pack
SAVE 15%
Low Carb Snack Pack
3 Pack
SAVE 14%
Protein Oats Pack
3 Pack
SAVE 14%
Protein Yoghurt Pack
6 Pack
SAVE 14%
Breakfast Bundle
"Consuming a healthy balanced breakfast that is high in protein and fibre has been shown to improve memory and focus, and reduce hunger hormones throughout the day. Foods such as oats, yoghurt and eggs are excellent sources of important nutrients including Vitamin B12, Iron and Calcium."
Ryan Pinto
Advanced Sports Dietitian