Quick, convenient and absolutely delicious, our new protein shakes are the perfect
nutrient-rich drinks to recharge your batteries. Whether you need fuel for recovery or you're
simply after a high protein, low carb snack, you'll be left completely satisfied.



Our vanilla-cinnamon variety is packed with nutrition, including whey protein isolate, creatine, and helpful vitamins and minerals. It's low in sugar and fat, but not in taste. Vanilla is a classic for a reason and a dash of cinnamon is always welcome.

These fragrant ingredients pack a whole lot of flavour, which is what these delicious drinks do too. Boasting 23g of fast-acting protein, it is perfect to replenish stocks after a big workout so you can attack the whole day with full force.



A chocolate hit without the guilt, this post-workout protein boost is the ultimate treat: great tasting and great for your body. High in iron, calcium and packed with 23g of slow release protein, allowing for high octane performance all day long.

Containing whey protein isolate, creatine, L-carnitine and plenty more helpful nutrients, it doesn’t skimp on flavour either. The perfect nutrition-packed low fat, low sugar drink for when you're on-the-go.



Kickstart your motor and keep it running all day with our high protein coffee shake. This delicious low fat, low sugar drink is packed with 17g of complete protein, rich in amino acids.

Benefits abound, with Arabica coffee providing a great natural source of energy, gut-friendly fibre to support nutrient absorption and carbs to add fuel to your workout or work day.


These tasty beverages do plenty of good for you and your body.

Stay energised and satisfied as you're on-the-go.

Up to 23g of Protein
to keep you full & fuelled
Deliciously Healthy
and healthily delicious
Quick & Convenient
for on-the-go recovery
Low Sugar, Low Fat
guilt-free drink
Gluten Free
for easier digestion
Natural Green Tea & L-carnitine
for fat burning


These protein-packed shakes are great for busy individuals looking to support their training and fuel their recovery.

Their low sugar content and unique fat-burning blend will help those looking to lose weight and stay energised all day.


Complete Protein

High levels of complete protein (between 17g-23g) that are naturally rich in BCAA's make for a robust recovery and help to satisfy those sweet cravings.

Fat Burning Blend

Our fat burning blend contains natural green tea and L-carnitine to energize your workout and sharpen your focus during the day.

Low Sugar

Low sugar levels make for a great alternative to sugar-stacked energy drinks, for health conscious calorie counters that still want a hit of flavour.

High Energy Complex

High in iron and calcium, the unique vitamin and mineral complex acts to support your busy days by providing you with plenty of energy.