Protein Shakes

My Muscle Chef Protein Shakes

Our high protein shakes are the
perfect nutrient-rich drinks whether
you need fuel for recovery or simply
after a delicious healthy snack. With
up to 34g protein, you’ll be left
completely satisfied.

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My Muscle Chef Mango Protein Shake


Mango & Coconut
Flavoured Protein Shake
Our refreshing Mango Coconut
Protein Shake is the
perfect summertime
drink to
freshen up your day.
My Muscle Chef Strawberry Protein Shake


Flavoured Protein Shake
Our Strawberry Flavoured Protein
has the right amount
of fruity sweetness
boost your day.
My Muscle Chef Chocolate Protein Shake
Flavoured Protein Shake
A chocolate Flavoured hit without
the guilt,
this post-workout
protein boost is
ultimate treat.
My Muscle Chef Mocha Protein Shake
Flavoured Protein Shake
Our Mocha Flavoured Protein Shake has
a tasty
blend of coffee
and chocolate to help

kickstart your day.
My Muscle Chef Vanilla & Cinnamon Protein Shake
Vanilla & Cinnamon
Flavoured Protein Shake
Our Vanilla and Cinnamon
Flavoured Shake is a delicious
on-the-go drink
with nutrition.

Key Benefits

These tasty protein shakes do plenty of
good for you and your body. Stay
energised and satisfied as you're

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My Muscle Chef Ryan Pinto Dietitian

Ryan Pinto

Head Nutritionist & Dietitian

These protein-packed shakes are a
delicious on-the-go option for busy
individuals looking to support their
training and fuel their recovery. They
contain a scientifically proven dose
of creatine and along with our
unique fat metabolising blend are
low in sugar and fat to keep those
waistlines in check and stay
energised all day.

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