weekly cut-off times

  • ACT Customers: Order before Tuesday midnight for Friday-Saturday delivery.
  • NSW Customers: Order before Tuesday midnight for Friday-Monday delivery.
  • QLD Customers: Order before Sunday midnight for Friday-Monday delivery.
  • VIC Customers: Order before Sunday midnight for Friday-Monday delivery.
  • WA Customers: Order before Monday midnight for Saturday delivery.
Please contact us if you miss the deadline and we will try fast track your order.

Home Delivery

Enter your postcode to view the home delivery options in your area.

Pickup Locations

Search your address to find a convenient pickup location near you, then select their name from the menu during checkout.

Delivery FAQs

What are the delivery times?
Please use the search boxes above to find the home delivery and pickup days in your area. You will be notified of the delivery date during checkout. For pickups, we have a set timeframe for each pickup point. Please use the Pickup Map to get more details about your desired pickup location.

Do I have to be home for delivery?
No. Our driver will leave the delivery at the front door if you are not home. If you have any special instructions please add them to the Additional Info section when placing your order. The food is delivered in a sealed insulated box packed with gel ice packs, which allows it to be left in a shaded area for up to 8 hours.

How do pickup locations work ?
As an alternate to home delivery you can have your meals delivered to one of our retail partners. Please note, delivery to pickup locations are on specific days and you can get more information using the pickup finder above. Our pickup locations do not have refrigeration facilities and you MUST pickup your meals on the designated delivery day during the staffed hours.

I live in a secured apartment - can I still get deliveries?
Yes. Please contact us on 1300 364 993 and speak to our staff to organise the delivery instructions or choose a pick-up location close to you.