Time Saving Tips for New Parents That Will Save Your Life

22 March 2023

Tanya Poppett

Contributor - International Online Trainer

Life is busy enough, even before adding a little bub to the picture. It can be easy to be overwhelmed, but as International Online Trainer and new mum, Tanya Poppett, tells us, there are some quick fixes that will make life easier and give hours back to you each and every week.

Becoming a parent is one of the most incredible experiences you’ll ever have, but that doesn’t mean it’s without its challenges. Just when you think you’re starting to have your life together, you have a kid and life flips on its head.

While wrapping your head around how to look after your beautiful new bub and come to terms with this new lifestyle, it can be common to let other parts of your life slip a little. This is completely normal and perfectly fine!

There are, however, a few things you can do that may help you find your feet and save some time for you and your new little family. Below are some tips that have helped us navigate this new stage in our lives.

Mother and baby

What are some time saving tips you can give to new parents?

Be Prepared

The thing that has helped me most is having a nappy bag packed at all times with the essentials, so you’re ready to head out the door whenever you need. In this bag, I keep plenty of fresh nappies, baby wipes, sudocrem, a small dry bag, spare clothes, socks, hat and baby sunscreen.

Love a List

Another great tip is to keep a magnetic list on your fridge door that you can add to every time you think of something you need. This can help keep the grocery shop quick and relatively “pain free”.

Pack a Snack

Forgetting to eat is something I never thought I’d struggle with, but since becoming a parent, I’ve found it easy to get sidetracked, especially when it comes to snack time. Keeping chopped fruit and pre-prepared healthy snacks in the fridge has been a handy way to make sure I’ve always got something to grab on the go.

Some of my favourite snacks are rice cakes with hummus and protein balls. If you don’t have time to prepare your own snacks, My Muscle Chef has some great options, including their new Protein Drink range and their delicious selection of Protein Bites.

Combine Routines

Staying on top of the house work can be tough with a little one around, especially when they begin following you around the place, tugging on your pant leg and all that. A great tip to help tackle the chores is to centre them around your morning and evening routines.

Every evening my partner loads and turns on the dishwasher, so it’s ready for me to unload in the morning. I then put the washing machine on first thing in the morning and he hangs the washing out while I’m at the gym. Figure out a system that works for your household and stick to it.


This brings me on to my next point: Team work makes the dream work. During this time, it’s important that both you and your partner get time for yourself. This is so you can keep your own clock ticking and don’t burn out.

Training is my daily non-negotiable, so every morning I leave for the gym while my partner tackles the morning routine. Most afternoons after work, my partner has rowing practice, while I do evenings.

Meal Prep with MYMC

Lastly (and most importantly), get a weekly or fortnightly subscription to My Muscle Chef. Getting your meals delivered takes one of the heaviest burdens off your shoulders as new parents: cooking and planning dinner! Setting up a subscription means you can expect delicious, healthy meals at your doorstep week to week and you barely have to lift a finger.

Opening My Muscle Chef delivery box on kitchen bench

How much time would you say you used to spend on meal prep?

At the very minimum, I save at least an hour to two hours a day. When you look at all the time that goes into shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning after a meal, it certainly adds up. I also believe my productivity is enhanced as well, with no nagging thoughts about what to buy and cook for dinner.

How would you say My Muscle Chef has transformed your daily routine?

So much! We now have time to spend on quality family activities when Geoff comes home from work, instead of either of us slaving away in the kitchen (cooking and cleaning).

We love going out for evening walks and taking out little guy, Laurie, down to his happy place: the beach.

Tanya eating my muscle chef meal

What does My Muscle Chef add to your life besides time and freedom?

My Muscle Chef has helped us keep a lot of variety in our diet. I find when I’m cooking for myself, I just rotate the same 5 or so recipes and often lack creativity (especially after a big day with bub). My Muscle Chef has a lot of variety in their menu and frequently add new meals to the list.

MYMC also helps keep the calm around our house when the clock ticks over to 5pm: “The Witching Hour”. Babies can tend to get super restless around this time, so not having to worry about dinner certainly takes the edge off.

What would you say to new parents feeling a little overwhelmed with the process?

It’s so normal to have these feelings. It’s a huge adjustment for your little family. I think it’s very important to take each day as they come and not put too much pressure on yourselves to get everything done. It’s also not helpful to compare yourself to other new parents who could have completely different circumstances to you.

Tanya with my muscle chef meals on kitchen bench holding baby

How many hours have you saved yourself per week and what have you been doing with all this extra time and freedom?

We save several hours across the week with MYMC. It’s been very helpful in allowing us the time to adjust to this new lifestyle.

If the weather’s nice, we go for our family outings to the beach and do Laurie’s night time routine together, rather than having to delegate dinner duty. It’s nice to be able to do things as a couple and means we can spend more time together as a family.

To put hours back into your week, put plenty of My Muscle Chef in your fridge. The most delicious path to freedom for new parents, old parents, and come to think of it, anyone!

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