How Goal Setting Can Help Achieve Weight Loss

22 March 2023

Ryan Pinto

Contributor - Head Nutritionist & Sports Dietitian

How can goal setting help achieve your weight loss goals?

There's nothing more satisfying than ticking off your to-do list at the end of each week - so why don't we do the same for our health goals? Many of us either fear not achieving the goals we set because sometimes life gets in the way, and often, we are bombarded with guidelines on how to set specific goals that seem unrealistic to achieve. However you don't have to. Learn how to make goal setting achievable and effective (win win!) with our tips for weight loss and goal setting that you can start today!

Why use goal setting?

There are many different ways to come up with weight loss goals that are both realistic and aspirational. Setting your sights on the future can help fuel the motivation needed to make healthy changes.

But before skipping to the end goal, setting smaller goals along the way make it easier to shift your mindset, discover the best ways to lose weight and can be a great motivator to reaching that end goal - whatever it may be!

How can I create goals that will actually help me?

If you search the term ‘goal setting’ you are immediately flooded with information on how to set a goal and by the time you read through it all, you’re probably questioning if the effort of going through the lengthy do’s and don’ts is all worth it.

Well, to save you reading through all the goal setting jargon we have put together a handy guide to offer you tips for weight loss and help you achieve your weight loss goals now for good.

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Tip 1: Being realistic

When it comes to setting weight loss goals, the key is to make them realistic - start small and build up. This can involve breaking larger goals into more manageable smaller ones with shorter time frames to make them less scary and easier to reach.

For example, you wouldn’t set a goal to run a marathon with no training beforehand, however you may start small and aim to increase your fitness by adding a 30 minute walk each day which you can gradually build on.

Tip 2: Set goals that you can control

When life gets out of control usually our health is the first thing we compromise, whether it be we are too busy or special occasions pop up that throw us out of routine. Read on to regain control!

Rather than setting a numbers goal of what you want to see on the scales, the best way to lose weight is to use goals to mark out your journey and how you’re going to get to that goal weight, fit into those clothes you’ve been hanging onto for the past 2 years or still be able to hold a conversation after climbing those set of stairs at work which seems so easy for others but secretly might leave you huffing when you reach the top!.

Setting goals that you can control can mean getting outdoors to improve your energy, adding a side salad for added nutrition, drinking more water, aiming to improve your fitness through planned activity, making some nutrition based goals with healthy swaps or simply sticking to your meal plan and avoiding temptations that might throw you off track!

Tip 3: Set smaller goals

Setting smaller targets to aim for makes goal setting more realistic and achievable. Rather than picturing what you’re going to look like in a few months' time (you’ll get there!) - start setting smaller goals that will get you there and start imagining how much better you will feel when you forego a side of fries for the veggies instead. A goal could be as simple as that, and it all counts towards achieving your long term weight loss goals!

Tip 4: Be consistent

With anything that takes time, consistency is always key. However, having consistency in the way you approach good health doesn’t have to be a dreaded task as we all love being able to relax and not feel like we are restricting ourselves from that weekend dinner or drinks with the girls.

There are a few things to remember when setting weight loss goals for the long run. Firstly, considering what you can maintain long term is also an important part of setting a realistic weight-loss target.

You may have heard the term ‘holistic’ pop up in conversations about health. Well the approach is well known and growing fast, and that’s because whilst changing your diet is one of the biggest steps in the right direction, to truly optimise wellbeing, attention needs to be given to other areas, too. Things like physical activity, sleep management, stress levels and even your relationships all influence our overall health.

Tip 5: Take time to celebrate

Most importantly, don’t forget to take time to celebrate your achievements - even if it’s as small as getting outdoors or swapping that side of fries for a side salad next time you go out - because all these things add up! Some simple tips on how to take a step back and wow yourself with your weight loss progress is to keep note of your journey using a notebook or digitally on your phone!

So what are you waiting for? Go smash some goals!

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