7 Ways To Enjoy Our New Protein Cookies

28 February 2023

The Chef

Contributor - My Muscle Chef

If you’re a My Muscle Chef fan, you’ve probably heard the hype about our NEW Protein Cookies Range. With 25g of protein, 4g of prebiotic fibre and only 8g of sugar - what’s not to love? Although, there’s more to this clever cookie than meets the eye…

Read on to discover the 7 different ways you can enjoy this tasty treat and satisfy your snack cravings. 

1. Protein-packed brekkie

Never skip breakfast again! Our Protein Cookies make it oh-so-easy to pack a protein punch in your morning meal (hint: it contains egg whites!). Simply crumble the cookie and add the textured topping to your oats, yoghurt or smoothie bowl for a classic, crunchy finish. 

2. Post-workout fuel

Tired of your boring, grainy protein powder mix? Ditch the shaker and add some flavour to your fitness routine with our Choc Chip Protein Cookie. This flavour boasts 25g of whey protein plus prebiotic fibre to support muscle strength, recovery and overall digestive health - totally dietitian (and #fitspo) approved.

Male putting My Muscle Chef protein cookie in gym bag

3. With your tea or coffee

Simple, yet satisfying. Our Protein Cookies will perfectly pair with your steaming beverage of choice. The best flavour for this combo? Our Salted Caramel & Macadamia Protein Cookie: the perfect hit of sweet and salty marries marvellously, whether it’s tea, coffee or hot chocolate on the menu.

4. Convenient desk treat

Whether you’re working from home or running errands in the office, your go-to deskside snack should be as filling as it is tasty. Luckily, our Protein Cookies are just that: delicious and decadent whilst satisfying your sweet cravings in a perfectly portioned 92g serving. Bite into that!

My muscle chef protein cookie

5. On-the-go snack

Busy bodies, rejoice! Say bye to settling for sad vending machine items and hello to a convenient snack solution you can enjoy anywhere at any time. Pop our Protein Cookies into your handbag, backpack or purse to soothe your sweet tooth in a hit!

6. Afternoon energy boost

Make the 3pm brain fog a thing of the past! If you find yourself super sluggish in the afternoon, recharge your body by choosing a protein-rich snack. Our recommendation? The Triple Choc Protein Cookie. The delicious combination of milk, white and dark chocolate chips with a milk chocolate chewy centre provide 25g of protein to help curb hunger while giving your body the boost it needs to thrive into the evening. Win-win!

Male and female eating My Muscle Chef protein cookies

7. Healthy dessert alternative

Love your sweets but watching your calorie intake? Give this healthy dessert hack a go: break our Choc Chip Protein Cookie into bite-sized pieces, then add chopped bananas and strawberries and serve with low-calorie ice cream for a dreamy delight that delivers crunch and creamy goodness!

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