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JOHNNY'S JOURNEY - "I learned how strong I could really be…"


Contributor - My Muscle Chef Customer

Johnny had always been interested in health & fitness, but when he first started working out at the gym many years ago he was training by himself, and didn’t really have a program or plan in place. That all changed, with a little help from his friends…

Once I started training with Long (now one of my best mates) and started following the meal plan and training program he put in place for me, that’s when I started to see growth and changes take place. It was during this time that my enthusiasm for the gym really increased, and became a lifestyle/passion for me.

My friends have been my motivation

My friends are really into weightlifting, which has been fantastic for me, not just learning the ins and outs of lifting weights but also how much of a difference a good program can make.

I can also see the changes and the progress they have made over time, and this really motivates me to keep aspiring for more. They are some of the nicest, most genuine people I know — and so it isn’t hard to want to go to the gym and spend time with them after work each day.

At the gym, I love training chest — my favourite exercise is the chest press.

Something I am most proud of is how much muscle I have been able to build — the latest measurement of my arms was 22 inches!

A focus on health is a personal commitment that I make to myself.

The most unexpected thing I’ve learned is how strong my body is capable of being with the right food and training. Next up for me is to continue to grow in strength but also to start reducing body fat — I’m not training for an event, it’s my lifestyle now, and a focus on health is a personal commitment that I make to myself.

Gym time is easy, sticking to a diet — not so much!

The most challenging part of my health and fitness journey is sticking to my diet, this is where My Muscle Chef has been a godsend!

I have been ordering from My Muscle Chef for over a year now, after coming across them when I was looking up reviews for the best meal prep company. They offer tasty, healthy meals, with a great amount of protein and at great prices — my fave meal would have to be the Parmesan Crumbed Chicken!

An average day of food for me begins with a protein/banana/oats smoothie, followed by lunch which is usually something I prep myself for the week — usually consists of chicken breast and veggies/sweet potato. I then have 1x My Muscle Chef meal in the afternoon, prior to gym, and 1x My Muscle Chef meal after gym for dinner. There is usually a flat white coffee in there somewhere too!