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How Emily lost 60kg in just three years


Contributor - My Muscle Chef Customer

Three years ago, Emily Reiss decided it was time to start losing weight. Enough was enough; she wanted to feel strong, healthy and happy in her body again. What started with slowly removing sugary drinks and starting a fitness challenge in the first year, soon turned into two years of My Muscle Chef programming and a whopping loss of 60kg! Find out what Emily has to say about her weight loss journey with My Muscle Chef.

Q: What was the first step you took to kick-start your weight loss journey?

Three years ago I started my weight loss journey by removing soft drinks from my diet. I also joined a supplement company’s 60-day fitness challenge. After one year, I joined My Muscle Chef, and two years in, I’ve lost 60kg!

Q: What would your typical day of training involve?

My workouts all incorporated weight training. I attended four sessions across the week, with two focused on upper body strength and the other two on lower body strength. In addition to going to my sessions, I had to hit at least 10,000 steps a day in my own time. This could include anything from walking around a park to shopping at my local supermarket. It was a huge challenge to start with, but it felt amazing to see incremental improvements.

Q: What changes did you make to your diet to assist with weight loss?

The biggest change I made was calorie counting which My Muscle Chef really helped me with. It can be quite overwhelming when you’ve never thought about it before, so My Muscle Chef was super handy. On top of calorie counting, I also started to think about the type of food I was eating. I upped my protein intake significantly and focused on adding fruit and vegetables into my diet every day. I chose my Muscle Chef for the ease of ordering, their great selection of meals and high protein content which helped me track my calories and macros without added stress.

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Q: What was the biggest challenge you faced during your journey to a healthier self? How did you overcome this?

Initially, I struggled to overcome my own self-doubt; I didn’t think I would actually be able to lose the weight and that was scary. I just had to keep looking back at how far I had come already and think about what I had achieved so far.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is finding it difficult to stay on track with their weight loss?

Small changes make a big difference. Don’t let one small slip-up become a daily, weekly or monthly habit. My biggest advice is to just get straight back on track. The last thing you want to do is ‘undo’ all of your hard work.

Q: How has My Muscle Chef supported your weight loss goal?

Thanks to My Muscle Chef, over the last three years I’ve managed to lose 60kg! Having a good range of pre-prepared healthy and high-protein meals has been a lifesaver and timesaver around my meal prepping. The meals are super flavourful with high-quality, healthy ingredients that make me feel great after eating. I love their range too – the huge variety makes it so hard to choose. It’s a great problem to have!