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Contributor - My Muscle Chef Customer

Building strength from the inside

The two health achievements I’m proudest of would have to be my core strength and my improved mental health.

Due to having a hernia for over 10 years my core strength was nonexistent. I had the hernia repaired early February 2017 and since then have worked very hard to develop a strong core.

Dale's hernia repair

Also my mental health has greatly improved. I was in a very dark space mentally, now I’m happy, confident and able to understand my body and mind.

It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been worth it

My motivation to make a change came from accepting that I was overweight and had pain all over my body, and mentally I was in a very bad place. Choosing a healthier path was my only option to live a happy and healthy life.

Overcoming fear, self-doubt and anxiety

For me, the most challenging part of getting started on the path to health was overcoming fear, self-doubt and anxiety.

The most unexpected thing I’ve found on my journey so far is that I always thought healthy/fit people were confident and happy.

I quickly realised that depression, anxiety and other mental health issues impact a lot more people than we think — which is why a lot of those people go to gyms and sporting clubs. Exercising helps, but having the support of a community is also really important.

"Exercising helps, but having the support of a community is also really important."

Creating a warrior mentality

For my health and fitness journey, I want to build a warrior so to speak. This means being the best me I can be, and continually challenging and improving myself.

Dale's health & fitness journey

Quick, easy, enjoyable

I was introduced to My Muscle Chef by my trainer at the time, who suggested My Muscle Chef after I was complaining about prepping meals. It’s quick, easy, enjoyable and I can take it almost anywhere.

‘What’s your favourite My Muscle Chef meal’ is a trick question — honestly I can’t pick just one, I like all of the meals I have tried!