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ALAN'S JOURNEY - "I Lost 18kg & Lowered My Heart Disease Risk"


Contributor - My Muscle Chef Customer

Losing 18kg while gaining a healthier life

I have a heart condition, and with a history of heart disease deaths within my family, I wanted to lose the weight to reduce the factors which may cause the risk of heart disease to spike.

The fitness achievement I’m proudest of is losing 18kg (from 85kg down to 67kg). I was motivated to drop the weight to compete in BJJ at feather which requires me to be below 70kg (as well as wanting to feel fantastic of course!).

Easy, healthy, and delicious

After I found My Muscle Chef and realised how easy it was to order and receive healthy and delicious food, the deliveries became a lifesaver that really helped me to stick to my diet and lose the weight!

Consistency matters most

The most challenging thing for me was working out every day, ensuring I was consistent. It was not about the type of workout but the consistency. It took me over 11 months to get to where I am, I honestly felt like I did not see results till about a month ago! I guess it paid off?

A welcome surprise

Honestly, the most surprising thing I found on my weight loss journey was abs…. I never knew I could have them!

Eyes on the prize

My next fitness goal is to win the Pan Pacs championships in BJJ. This is a national competition within Australia, and to win I must stay on weight and ensure my body gets the fuel it requires to train every day!

Convenient, reliable, with fantastic customer service

I have been ordering My Muscle Chef for about 5–6 months now, ever since I saw an ad on Facebook. They’re convenient, reliable, with fantastic customer service (for all the times I missed the Sunday deadline the team would always fast track my order, thanks team!).

Of course I also have to mention the variety of meals. They’re all so tasty, but I’d have to say the Chicken Risotto is my fave!