Move with MYMC - Monique Craft Workouts

25 January 2023

Monique Craft

Contributor - Fitness Instructor, PT & Presenter

My Muscle Chef has called upon their top athlete and trainer ambassadors to programme at-home workouts to keep you on track with your fitness goals during the COVID-19 lockdown. Check out the workout routines I’ve put together for MOVE WITH MYMC...

Hi my name is Monique Craft, I’m a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and presenter. I’ve been working passionately in the fitness industry as a trainer since 2012 and still enjoy getting up each day doing exactly what I love - helping people achieve their goals and live a happy, healthy life. I’m not only passionate about people's physical health but also their mental health, travelling around Australia and presenting to others about this topic. I’m obsessed with the way both movement and good food impact our mental health and increase our longevity.


I have created 4 workouts for Move with MYMC that you can do from the comfort of your own home, including two 20 minute strength workouts targeting either the upper body or lower body, as well as two 15 minute core & ab workouts - overall working the full body and guaranteeing to boost your mood and leave you feeling great!

Monique training

These workouts are formatted into interval training sessions that are great for beginner to intermediate fitness levels. These workouts can be intensified to a more advanced level by turning the exercises into plyometric movements and also shortening the rest breaks! I find interval training is a great way for beginners to train as you are not forcing the body to push for too long, and you know there is always a rewarding rest break coming.

These workout routines require no equipment except for Core & Ab Workout #2, where you just need a water bottle. Sticking to bodyweight exercises make these perfect for doing at home, however feel free to add dumbbells, milk cartons or whatever you've got around you to hold during some exercises to spice things up.


My favourite workout is the 15 min ab workout using the water bottle because it's creative, it's fun and these ab exercises burn! It reminds me that we don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on gym equipment to get a good workout done, we can use things around us and get innovative. NO EXCUSES!


My daily routine changes depending on client session times and other online task requirements but a regular day roughly involves me waking up at 6am to have greens powder and a coffee. I’ll then head to a client or host an online zoom class, train myself, sit down for emails and online work, and then I’ll usually finish my day with yoga and calling or face timing friends and family. Staying connected with my loved ones is a priority during this time, and I hope it is for you too. I usually do intermittent fasting however not extremely strict on it, I listen to my body and what I feel it needs. I will most likely have my first meal around 11am and finish eating around 7 or 8pm.


I stay fuelled on the MYMC vegan/vegetarian range and although it’s honestly hard to pick my favourites, they would have to be the ‘Mexican SuperFood Bowl’ and the ‘Thai Yellow Curry with Black Rice and Vegetables’. I also love the new Plus+ range allowing me to make my own meals. The PLUS + PROTEIN Peanut Butter Tofu and PLUS + PROTEIN Kidney Bean Mix are delicious…with added corn chips! :) I also can't live without the Protein Bite: Cookie Dough. It's my favourite snack and the tastiest 3pm ‘pick me up’.

Monique eating a my muscle chef beef meal


Now more than ever is it important we focus on staying healthy. Not only for our immune systems, but also for our mindsets during this scary and uncertain time. Exercise releases endorphins and makes us feel brighter, so in a world where our routines have been shaken and jobs have been lost, it's vital we stay on top of exercise for our mental and physical health. Create a NEW routine to keep yourself on track and motivated. Every Sunday I schedule in my home workouts for the week, as well as hand-write some goals to achieve. Other handy tips and ways I’ve kept healthy is:

  • Set an alarm every day, even if you don't have anything to get up for...we can still make the most of these days so don't sleep them away!

  • Stock the fridge and cupboards with lots of nutritious foods - I keep nutrition on track daily with My Muscle Chef

  • I lay out my activewear the night before each day so I put them on first thing in the morning, which gets me in the mood to workout and reduces my chances of missing a training session

  • I aim to drink a minimum of 1.5 L of water per day

  • Get a minimum 7 hours sleep each night

  • Limit take-away/UberEats and wine to once or twice a week

  • Try journaling, reading books and listening to podcasts to keep the mind healthy

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