Move with MYMC - Gen Gregson Workouts

25 January 2023

Genevieve Gregson

Contributor - Olympic Track Athlete

My Muscle Chef has called upon their top athlete and trainer ambassadors to programme at-home workouts to keep you on track with your fitness goals during the COVID-19 lockdown. Check out the workout routines I’ve put together for MOVE WITH MYMC as a professional runner.

Hi, my name is Genevieve Gregson and I am a 2x Olympian in athletics and the Australian record holder in the 3000m steeplechase. I have been a distance runner for as long as I can remember so my passion has always been around staying active, healthy and strong during an intense training regime. As a distance athlete, it’s so important to look after my body in every possible way, especially when competing at the highest level of running.


Stretch & Mobility Flow (Running Prep)

For MOVE WITH MYMC I have developed 2 stretching and mobility workouts to help you prepare for strenuous exercise so that your muscles, tendons and ligaments are ready to work. I perform these movements on most mornings before running as it activates and warms up the main muscle groups before using them. As a travelling athlete, I always carry resistance bands, a trigger point ball and a foam roller - they’re essential to allow the body to prepare for optimal performance. This is an area I have grown to love and need with years and years of hard running.

Gen Gregson Workouts

Advanced Strength

The 2 strength workouts I’ve programmed include home exercises I incorporate into my weekly routine. As a distance runner, it’s important to keep strength and power while maintaining muscle endurance so I’ve targeted the main big muscles in the lower body, while adding some upper body work to make it more challenging. They are versatile and are challenging to do as bodyweight workouts, however you can add weight to make it more difficult.


I definitely enjoy heavy lifting that focuses on power, but a session I can’t live without would be stretching and mobility. Waking up and completing these workouts before I start my run can completely change how my body feels. Whether I have a hard running workout or an easy rest day, my stretch and mobility workouts leave me feeling energised, limber and ready for the day!


During isolation my days are heavily focused around meals. I tend to get my training done in the first half of the day so I can leave my afternoons to spend time with my husband, playing board games or catching up on admin. This means my breakfast is light but full of protein and energy. I usually just have peanut butter and honey on rye crackers with a banana and coffee. Lunch is usually my biggest meal as I am starving post workout and need to fuel my body. I usually choose a high carb MYMC meal that has plenty of rice or pasta.

Gen Gregson eating a my muscle chef meal


One of my favourites at the moment is Chipotle Chicken. It has so much flavour and is one of the heartier meals I order. I sometimes bake banana bread or date loaf to have as a late afternoon snack with a cup of tea and then dinner is always just a MYMC meal away! My favourite dinner meal at the moment is the MYMC PLUS+ Baked Salmon because I can bulk it up with the PLUS+ veggies or carbs if I like – it just depends on how I am feeling.


Even though we have been in isolation for a few months now, there is something refreshing and beautiful about it all. I have given more attention to my training, my strength work, my business and I have phoned my family more than normal. I have had time to read books and do puzzles which would NEVER normally happen. Although this has been a devastating pandemic in the world, it is important to appreciate the life we live and how lucky we are for our health.

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