Partner Workouts: Cardio Boxing

25 January 2023

Linn Sandstrom

Contributor - Professional Boxer

It’s time to start training with others again now that COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are being lifted! My Muscle Chef has called on their top fitness ambassadors to programme workouts that you can enjoy with a friend, so check out the boxing-style cardio workouts I’ve created for MOVE WITH MYMC...

My name is Linn Sandstrom. I’m a former professional table tennis player from Sweden, where I won many awards. I’ve since become a boxer and I will make my professional debut later this year. I train full time at Bondi Boxing Club in Sydney with my Coach Tony Del Vecchio. My goal is to one day become a World Champion and pave the way for other girls to dream big and do whatever sets their soul on fire. Follow my journey to the top, on my Instagram page @sandstromboxer.


For MOVE WITH MYMC, I have written out 2 partner boxing workout routines to do with a partner or friend. Boxing is one of the hardest sports in the world, so good on you for taking on the challenge!

The equipment you’ll need for these workouts include:

  • Skipping rope

  • Foam roller

  • Boxing gloves

  • Wraps (optional)

  • Pads

  • Yoga mat

  • Slam ball (about 4kg is enough weight)

The beginner-intermediate Boxing Workout 1 includes foam rolling, skipping, a run-through of all the different boxing punches, shadow boxing, basic pad work, core exercises and, of course, cardio fitness!

Boxing Workout 2 is similar, but for the more advanced boxer and includes some defence work with your partner.

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