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HOME WORKOUTS: Strength + HIIT (Advanced)


Contributor - Navy Clearance Diver

My Muscle Chef has called upon their top athlete and trainer ambassadors to programme at-home workouts to keep you on track with your fitness goals during the COVID-19 lockdown. Take a look at the home exercises I’ve put together for MOVE WITH MYMC...

My name is Max Burch, I’m 30 years old and I’m a Royal Australian navy clearance diver from Sydney. I’ve been in the navy for 13 years and joined when I was 17. I’ve done multiple deployments and tough gruelling selection courses throughout my career. I’m a Crossfit Level 1 coach and military fitness leader, however outside of work when I have the time I enjoy surfing, golf and of course, training. I spend most of my time being a dad with my beautiful partner, Kayla, and two daughters, Ruby and Wynter.


The 4 workouts I’ve developed for Move with MYMC include 2 strength training workouts and 2 HIIT workouts that you can do at home. Each has a 3 minute warm up and as you’ll find out they are advanced level full body workouts with the option of adding weight. However don’t worry, you’ll be able to do them at your own pace and scale the movements as you need. They are bodyweight workouts but if you’ve got them, dumbbells can be added to some movements if you’re feeling confident.

Max Burch performing Russian Twists
Russian twists are a good core exercise to target your obliques, however they also work your balance and build stability in your spine.

Check out all my at-home workout videos for MOVE WITH MYMC here:



My favourite home workout I programmed would have to be Strength Workout 1. In 20 minutes with no equipment at all your legs will be stinging. Implementing these leg exercises at home and into your weekly workout routine will help you build and maintain strength while the gyms are closed. Warning: do not underestimate this workout.


My #1 tip for keeping fit and healthy during this lockdown period is to maintain a routine. I’ve maintained my daily routine, both fitness and nutritionally which has helped me stay focused on my goals. It’s very important that you at least try and accomplish something every day. It could be something as crazy as running 10km or simply making your bed in the morning. Completing a task will leave you feeling satisfied and ultimately lead to you setting bigger, longer-term goals.


Grilled Cottage Cheese, Satay Chicken and Smokey BBQ Brisket!

Max Burch eating My Muscle Chef Meals

Hope you guys enjoy these at home workouts. Remember, stay home, stay safe, stay fit and most importantly let MYMC fuel you just like they fuel me.