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Contributor - Professional Boxer

It’s time to start training with others again now that COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are being lifted! My Muscle Chef has called on their top fitness ambassadors to programme workouts that you can enjoy with a friend, so check out the boxing-style cardio workouts I’ve created for MOVE WITH MYMC...

My name is Linn Sandstrom. I’m a former professional table tennis player from Sweden, where I won many awards. I’ve since become a boxer and I will make my professional debut later this year. I train full time at Bondi Boxing Club in Sydney with my Coach Tony Del Vecchio. My goal is to one day become a World Champion and pave the way for other girls to dream big and do whatever sets their soul on fire. Follow my journey to the top, on my Instagram page @sandstromboxer.


For MOVE WITH MYMC, I have written out 2 partner boxing workout routines to do with a partner or friend. Boxing is one of the hardest sports in the world, so good on you for taking on the challenge!

The equipment you’ll need for these workouts include:

  • Skipping rope
  • Foam roller
  • Boxing gloves
  • Wraps (optional)
  • Pads
  • Yoga mat
  • Slam ball (about 4kg is enough weight)

The beginner-intermediate Boxing Workout 1 includes foam rolling, skipping, a run-through of all the different boxing punches, shadow boxing, basic pad work, core exercises and, of course, cardio fitness!

Boxing Workout 2 is similar, but for the more advanced boxer and includes some defense work with your partner.

Check out both of my partner workout videos plus more from the MOVE WITH MYMC series here:



Some of the benefits of boxing training includes fat burning, increased muscle tone, increased cardiovascular fitness, improved core stability and stress relief. When you box, your whole body is involved and it will make you extremely fit. Overall boxing makes the perfect cardio workout!

Linn Sandstrom | Boxing Workout | Skipping



Working out with a friend makes it so much more fun. With boxing, you can do drill work as well as partner work. You can help each other with technique corrections, variety and this lends itself to getting better and better in this tough sport. It’s also good to have a training partner to support one another.


My favourite post workout meal is the MYMC Spaghetti Bolognese. I absolutely love pasta and to not have to cook it myself makes my life so much easier when training three times a day. It also gives me the energy I need to train really hard.

Linn Sandstrom | My Muscle Chef | PreMade Meals

To snack on between sessions, I use the new range of MYMC Collagen Protein Bars. It helps keep my energy levels consistent throughout the day.

Linn Sandstrom | Collagen Protein Bars | My Muscle Chef


Check out My Muscle Chef’s full menu of high protein meals and snacks here: