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Health Benefits of Collagen Peptides You're Missing Out On


Contributor - Sports Dietitian & Performance Nutritionist

It seems the hot topic on everyone’s mind is collagen. With an array of health benefits including improved joint health, stronger bones and firmer skin, it’s an effective source of protein that provides a wellbeing boost.

Sports Dietitian & Performance Nutritionist, Ryan Pinto, helps us break down the science behind collagen, the ways it benefits your body and how you can easily increase your collagen intake.

What are collagen peptides?

Collagen is the protein powerhouse that can be found in the bones, muscles, tendons, and skin. It’s part of the connective tissue that helps skin retain its firmness and is a major component in cartilage, which is important for joint health. Although the body naturally produces collagen, production slows down over time due to ageing, over-use, and environmental stresses. This is why it is crucial to increase your collagen intake - to slow tissue damage and reduce risk of injury.

Hydrolysed collagen protein powder

What about collagen peptides?

While there are a number of terms such as “collagen peptides,” “hydrolysed collagen,” and “collagen powder”, these all refer to the same key ingredient: hydrolysed collagen protein powder. Collagen peptides are a form of collagen protein made of amino acids, which are highly digestible and bioavailable due to a process called hydrolysis. Collagen peptides are also absorbed and distributed into the bloodstream at a faster rate, allowing it to be more useful when treating injuries.

Health benefits of collagen peptides

Muscle recovery

Get stronger faster! Collagen peptides assists with improving the rate of collagen synthesis within tendons and joints for enhanced muscle recovery.

Feel fuller for longer

Evidence suggests that gelatin, a derivative of collagen, improves satiety aka your feeling of fullness. Feeling fuller means you’re less likely to consume excess calories, which can contribute to weight loss!

Optimal joint health

Stronger bones and improved mobility? Check! Our tendons and ligaments absorb collagen like a sponge to support the repaired tissue and accelerate the generation of new tissue. This makes collagen effective for recovering from injury or exercise.

Collagen Protein Bar, packed with collagen peptides


How can I increase my collagen peptide intake?

Increasing your collagen intake is easy with our range of Collagen Protein Bars. A convenient snacking solution packed with 11g of collagen peptides, it is most effective when consumed 30-60 minutes prior to exercise to prime your body’s connective tissues.

Enjoy the deliciously crumbly texture of our Collagen Bars in 4 tasty flavours as your next low carb, high protein pre workout snack and experience the health benefits that collagen peptides have to offer.

Take the first step in improving the health of your body by exploring our range of Collagen Bars.