Myths and Facts of Drinking Lemon Water

22 March 2023

Teeghan Louise

Contributor - Fitness Model & Competitive Athlete

Fresh lemon water is quite often said to have powerful health benefits. The idea is that we should be looking at ‘alkalising our bodies’ to achieve good health. Some would go so far as to say that drinking lemon water leads to amazing weight loss and miracle detox properties.

But is it really all it's cracked up to be? We explore some of the myths and facts on the benefits of drinking lemon water.


Lemon water is perfectly safe to drink and actually high in vitamin C. It’s also rather tasty. Drinking lemon with your water is no different to squeezing it over your salad, and you will reap the benefits of consuming this fruit.

However, lemon is also highly acidic and it is this citric acid in lemons which can damage your tooth enamel over time, especially if you are drinking lemon juice daily.

Top tip though…rinse your mouth out after you drink. Don’t let the citric acid sit on your teeth any longer than it needs to as studies show it will make your teeth extra sensitive to hot or cold foods by eroding the tooth enamel, and no one wants that!


Increasing your body’s pH is called ‘alkalising’.

Lemon is one of those foods that is claimed far and wide to be able to “alkalise your body”.

Let’s be clear though; our bodies have incredibly complex systems that ensure we remain at a healthy and highly regulated pH level even if drinking lemon juice did increase pH levels, it wouldn’t be a good idea!

The claim that we can change the pH our our bodies, specifically blood and our cells, simply by changing the food we eat, is not true - we cannot influence our body’s pH by changing our diet.

Instead of looking for a quick fix that is potentially damaging to your health, it’s best to get into the habit of eating well and exercising regularly. The My Muscle Chef’s calorie control meal plan is a great way to maximise nutrition while kick starting your journey towards better health.


The biggest claim to debunk, is whether or not lemon water helps you lose weight. Lemon water is plain water with a bit of lemon which means it has all the benefits of regular, plain old water!

Water consumed in large quantities is known to increase the feeling of fullness, which helps in your weight loss endeavours - but only because you feel fuller, and so don’t feel as hungry!

So, is fresh lemon in plain water good for you or not? Lemon and water together packs in a range of minor benefits, but it is far from the miracle solution that it is hyped up to be.

If you like the taste though, go for it. Just know the pros and cons before you do, and look after those teeth!

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