My Muscle Chef powers Australian F3 racing ace Dylan Young

28 February 2023

Ryan Pinto

My Muscle Chef Advanced Sports Dietitian

"Motorsport Activities are inherently dangerous recreational activities and there is significant risk of injury, disability or death". This is the warning that greets every race driver and spectator world over, it's a sombre reminder of the immense pressures exerted on race driver’s bodies and the critical need to maintain peak fitness. This is also a statement My Muscle Chef ambassador and race driver Dylan Young is all too familiar with.

Raised in Melbourne in the shadow of Albert Park, the home of Formula One (F1), Dylan began his motorsport career in 2007 in go-karts, quickly rising up the ranks to secure a Formula BMW drive in 2010 - one of the feeder categories to F1. Today, Dylan can be found plying the circuits of Europe rubbing tyres with the world’s most ambitious racers.

To find out more about his career and how My Muscle Chef is helping Dylan achieve and maintain peak fitness, our Head Dietician sat down with this racing prodigy.

How does My Muscle Chef help you with meal prep?

Like most people I feel like I'm constantly racing around, both in my career and at home - there’s just never enough time in the day. Therefore, any opportunity to claw back time is critical and exactly where My Muscle Chef (MYMC) helps.

By having the hard work of meal prep and nutrition sorted, it frees me up to tackle my training and business commitments, while also being able to find time for my other responsibilities - like bingeing on TV and walking my dogs.

What MYMC has done is helped me; save time (by removing prep), save money (by cutting out UberEats) and relax - which is critical to my racing career. Better still, I know that the food I'm consuming is top quality, tasty and the right fuel for my demanding career.

Dylan Young driver

Why is healthy eating so important for racing?

This is where being a race driver makes it easy to explain. Simply, poor fuel in your car means poor performance, and it is no different for your body. Despite what some people believe, motorsport is extremely taxing on the body and you have to be both aerobic and anaerobic fit.

Little do people realise that we are exposed to significant G-Forces on par with a fighter pilot, we need the strength of a weight-lifter, the endurance of a long distance runner and the reaction times of a martial artist, but we do this over and over again, lap after lap - it is relentless.

There's an old saying, if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail - the difference in motorsport is that failure can mean hitting a wall at triple digit speeds. This is why it has been so valuable working with MYMC, because nutrition is key - I just can’t afford to consume the wrong fuel.

Dylan Young racecar

We hear often that little things make a big difference in motorsport - is this true?

Racing is all about the one-percenters, so I’m always looking for any advantage to get both physically and mentally fit. We measure lap times in one-one-hundreths of a second, at 200km/h we cover over half a football field of distance per second, therefore we MUST be in the right shape to be competitive.

I’m also tall for a racing driver at 1.89m, so I can’t really compete with the smaller drivers from a weight perspective. Therefore, I have to make sure I’m as lean as possible but as strong as possible to make up for this disadvantage - and this is where working with you has, and will be so important.

So, while MYMC saves me hours a week at home, on the track it could be responsible for the one-one-hundredth of a second between the top and bottom step on the podium.

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