Six New Low Calorie Meals That You’ll Love

16 March 2023

The Chef

Contributor - My Muscle Chef

New year, same weight loss goals? Let the Chef give you a helping hand with your health journey. These six new colourful low calorie meals are sure to spice up your repertoire – and your life!

Tired of counting calories? We feel you. That’s why we’ve added six new tantalising low calorie meals to our menu, allowing you to diversify your meals and achieve your weight loss goals with ease.

Infusing flavours from around the world, you can expect vibrant dishes packed with energy-boosting nutrients, at least 20% of your recommended daily intake of vegetables and under 400 calories. Think quintessential Australian succulent Chicken Schnitzel with Mushroom Gravy, flavour popping Black Pepper Beef Noodle Stir Fry and tasty Tandoori Chicken with spicy sides. Freshly made and ready to go, these flavourful meals are as convenient as you get. Get used to more time, less stress, happier tastebuds and the weight loss you’ve been dreaming of.


Chicken Cacciatore with Wholemeal Penne Pasta

Pasta meal plated on a table

Italian-inspired tender chicken breast pieces meet a smooth, rich tomato sauce and a bed of wholegrain pasta topped with crunchy capsicum. Protein-packed, less than 400 calories and loaded with nutrients, this dish is the ultimate healthy eating comfort food.

Tandoori Chicken with Spiced Vegetables & Mint Yoghurt

Chicken meal plated on a table

Sprinkle some spice into your day with this vibrant tandoori chicken breast topped with mint yoghurt sauce, crunchy cauliflower and broccoli. Low in calories, high in protein and 53% vegetable-based, you can enjoy that scrumptious Indian takeaway taste without the guilt.

Korean BBQ Beef with Basmati Rice & Asian Slaw

Korean meal plated on a table

Transport your taste buds to the streets of Korea with this brilliant BBQ beef. The umami, soft smokey aromas will catch your attention, but it’s the tender beef strips, crunchy slaw and fluffy basmati rice that will have you back for more. Packed with 32g of protein and less than 400 calories, this BBQ dish is a low calorie no-brainer

Black Pepper Beef Noodle Stir Fry

Noodles with beef meal plated on a table

A stir fry has it all: crunchy Asian vegetables, tender meat and silky soft noodles. Imagine all of that, but with succulent beef strips coated in delicious umami black pepper sauce. The best bit is, this dish is perfect for weight loss, with less than 400 calories. Thanks, Chef!

Chicken Schnitzel With Mushroom Gravy & Garlic Potato Mash

Chicken and gravy meal plated on a table

You literally can’t go wrong with a cracking chicken schnitty. Juicy chicken, smooth potato and broccoli mash and rich mushroom gravy, this 45% vegetable-based, quintessential Australian classic is truly delicious and nutritious.

Garlic Chicken with Spiced Tomato Rice

Spicy chicken meal on a table

Lock lips with this tender chicken breast topped with roasted garlic yoghurt sauce, served with spiced tomato ancient grains mix, capsicum and broccoli. Its contrast of spicy chicken and refreshing mint is just as inviting as its low calorie, high-protein nutrients.

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