The Best Vegan Protein Cookies Perfected

26 January 2023

The Chef

Contributor - My Muscle Chef

Our new range of Plant-Based Protein Cookies are 100% vegan friendly, high in protein, and a good source of fibre, making them the perfect healthy on-the-go snack and most importantly, they taste great too!

On the hunt for a delicious yet convenient snack in between meals or to refuel after a workout? Then you’ll be keen to try our new range of plant-powered, high protein cookies, the latest addition to the My Muscle Chef’s Plant-Based offerings of meals, snacks and smoothies. Coming in three delicious new flavours Peanut Butter Choc, Coconut Macadamia and Almond Maple these oven-baked cookies, contain 20g of protein, no artificial colours or flavours, and are a good source of prebiotic fibre. Best of all, they are super tasty.

Australian Made, and developed by our dietitians, you can be sure that these new cookies not only taste delicious but are packed with nutrients like protein and fibre to fuel your day. Our Head of Research & Development, Ryan Pinto, gives the final tick of approval, "We've included plant protein from wheat, and gut-friendly prebiotic fibre to help support your digestive health. These vegan-friendly cookies are the perfect choice for a healthy and convenient on-the-go or post-workout recovery snack.”.

Peanut Butter Choc Plant-Based Protein Cookie

A heavenly combination of thick peanut butter, rich vegan chocolate chips and high-protein wheat, this delicious vegan cookie serves as the perfect hunger-killer after any workout or as an on-the-go snack.

My Muscle Chef Peanut Butter Choc Plant-Based Protein Cookie

Coconut Macadamia Plant-Based Protein Cookie

Made with shredded coconut and fresh creamy macadamias for a nutty blast, it’s hard to believe these amazingly flavoured cookies are made from wheat protein. Yep, vegans will froth over them. They are the kind of snack you’ll always want to keep on-hand.

My Muscle Chef Coconut Macadamia Plant-Based Protein Cookie

Almond Maple Plant-Based Protein Cookie

Made from freshly roasted almonds, a rich drizzle of maple syrup and a 20g wheat-based protein hit, they tick every box as the perfect snack – nutritious and very tasty. Keep your snack stash hidden.

My Muscle Chef Almond Maple Plant-Based Protein Cookie

We honestly can’t choose a favourite ourselves, because they’re all mouth-wateringly moreish! Which one will you be trying first?

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