A Fresh Approach To Weight Loss

2 March 2023

Ria Komninos

Accredited Dietitian and Nutritionist

We have kicked off the new year with a fresh approach to weight loss. Our new and improved Weight Loss Program provides you with a weight loss focused meal plan solution with dedicated lower calorie meals and snacks, a personalised dashboard to track your meals, along with wellness and dietitian support to help you achieve your weight loss goals sooner this new year.

What has changed?

We have hit refresh on our Weight Loss Program to bring you an exciting new weight loss solution to allow you to achieve your goals sooner. We have listened to your feedback and created a menu that is focused on a sustainable weight loss solution, that includes lighter snacking options as well as new low calorie meals.

New Snack Options

We have kept the same high protein meals you know and love and added a new variety of nutritious snacks to the menu. We have refreshed our Weight Loss Program to include whole food snacks which are lower in calories including wholefoods such as popcorn, mixed nuts and cheese & crackers. These are packed with the benefits of iron and calcium, to support your health, wellbeing and promote a more sustainable approach to your weight loss journey.

New Low Calorie Meals

We have taken the guesswork out of managing your calories at meal times with all new low calorie options that are available on our Weight Loss Program. Our high protein, low calorie meals are under 400 calories, made with lean protein and are packed with nutrient-dense vegetables, as well as healthy carbohydrates to support digestion and gut health. With at least a minimum of 20% of your daily vegetable intake per serve, our low calorie meals are a great way to increase your daily vegetable intake, boost your intake of vitamins and sneak extra fibre into your diet.

New 5-Day Menu Option

We have also introduced the option to choose between a 5-Day or 7-Day Plan depending on your lifestyle, giving you even more flexibility when it comes to losing weight on your terms.

If you’re starting off the new year with a focus on weight loss, our 7-Day Plan is the perfect solution to allow you to knuckle down on your health and build solid habits around eating well and losing weight.

If you have quite a social lifestyle and are looking for a balanced approach to your intake, our 5-Day Plan offers the perfect solution to a healthy lifestyle that assists you with weight loss as you can still enjoy special occasions and eat out with friends and family on your days off. The 5-Day Plan is also ideal for those who have achieved their weight loss goals and just want to maintain a balanced lifestyle whilst controlling their weight.

New Menu Every Week

We have introduced a simpler way to choose your weekly meals on our Weight Loss Program.

With a fresh menu each week to keep your meal plan full of variety, you can set and forget and let us take the guesswork out of weight loss with a rotating weekly menu. This means more time for you to focus on your goals while we focus on delivering you fresh and delicious food.

What are the benefits of choosing the Weight Loss Program?

The Weight Loss Program offers a variety of plans that you can choose from, from a fixed calorie Starter Plan to a customisable Complete Plan, with the flexibility of choosing either 5 or 7 days per week.

Our Starter Plan offers you a quick and easy way to kick start your weight loss with a low calorie plan, starting from 1200 calories per day.

Our Complete Personalised Plan allows you to change your daily calories to suit your lifestyle, from days where you are lightly active to days where you need to fuel a very active day, you can plan your calorie intake around your lifestyle.

As part of the Weight Loss Program, you have access to our exclusive low calorie snacks and meals to help keep you on track without sacrificing variety or taste!

What is the difference between the Weight Loss Program and Calorie Control Plan?

If your goal is to maintain your current weight or you need an everyday healthy eating solution, then the Calorie Control Plan is for you.

Our Calorie Control meal plan is aimed at supporting your day-to-day health goals including maintaining weight loss and overall health through a calorie controlled meal plan.

This plan offers portion and calorie-controlled ready meals and snacks in a customisable meal plan, that is high in protein and packed with flavour to help you maintain your goals without sacrificing taste.

What is the difference between the Weight Loss Program and Muscle Gain Plan?

If your goal is to gain lean muscle or you require a higher calorie and higher protein meal plan to support building muscle or ‘bulking’, we recommend the Muscle Gain Plan.

Our Muscle Gain meal plan is designed to help you gain muscle mass by combining high protein, muscle-building meals with your calorie targets to ensure your body has the right nutrients it needs to build muscle and improve overall health.

This plan offers a customisable high protein meal plan for muscle gain that takes the guesswork out of counting macros and meal prep that works to complement your training program.

When do these changes go live?

Wednesday, the 25th of January 2023.

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