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Steven's Journey with My Muscle Chef

22 March 2023


Contributor - My Muscle Chef Customer

The health & fitness achievement I’m most proud of is completely transforming my body shape and getting below 12% body fat.

I was active for many years, but work and lifestyle got in the way. I remember getting a DEXA scan about three years ago and came in at 33% body fat.

That definitely was a shock to the system, and gave me the motivation I needed to start losing the weight.

The most challenging part for me was getting past the mental barriers we all can sometimes put in place.

I had to overcome the fear I was eating too many calories when I was actually eating enough calories to ensure I was fuelling my body appropriately.

Also, breaking my arm about two years ago really set me back and created a challenge for me.

While I got back into training relatively quickly, I lost a lot of form and technique. I spent 12 months going back to basics with all exercises and rebuilding that foundation.

The most unexpected thing I found was that once I got into a routine, everything became second nature.

I could go out and have that ‘bad’ meal, but I planned for it to balance everything out. I was amazed by how quickly I was seeing the results.

My next goal is to gain more muscle.

While I’m happy with the results and where I’m at, I’m always looking for new ways to challenge myself and take things to the next level. I’m excited to change my body shape again.

My Muscle Chef has been extremely important in my fat loss journey.

I’ve been using My Muscle Chef for over three years. What I love about the meals is there’s variety.

Eating and being healthy should be tasty and fun and shouldn’t feel like a chore. I have friends and all they eat is boiled chicken and vegetables and I couldn’t think of anything worse!

I live a very active lifestyle and My Muscle Chef makes meal prep a lot easier.

I’m never bored eating My Muscle Chef as I always have a lot of flavours and textures to choose from. Eating the meals for lunch and dinner also took a lot of the guesswork out so I could focus on my fitness.

My favourite My Muscle Chef meal is the Japanese Soy Chicken with Pickled Ginger Soba Noodles.

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