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Cailean's Journey to a lean physique

20 March 2023

Cailean P

Contributor - My Muscle Chef Customer

Most people want results to happen overnight. What they don’t acknowledge is that success is rarely linear - there are many restless nights, guilty indulgences and bad days at the gym that leave you feeling unmotivated and unwilling to persist.

My weight loss journey to shedding 20kg was a challenge to say the least, but it was an accomplishment that I was able to reach through consistent training, determination and proper nutrition. Read on to discover my diet and training advice for not only achieving weight loss, but maintaining results.


The decision to change my lifestyle occurred when I realised that my weekly routine lacked structure. Extended hours in the office meant that the planning and preparation of my nutrition had to take a back seat. After coming home from a long day of work, I fell into a habit of ordering UberEats and making phone calls to the local takeaway shop for dinner. Whilst convenient, these options were lacking the nutritional value that my body required, and I often felt unsatisfied and hungry later in the evening.

I was struggling to find a tasty and time-efficient solution to suit my busy routine, until a friend recommended that I look into My Muscle Chef.

My Muscle chef chicken meal

I was a bit skeptical to try something new, as I have had my fair share of disappointing TV dinners. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried my first few MYMC meals. Unlike other microwaveable meal brands, My Muscle Chef tasted fresh and flavoursome. Each meal is packed with protein and the taste is comparable to a chef-prepared meal from a restaurant.

Soon enough, MYMC meals became my go-to lunch and dinner choice, helping me to develop healthier eating habits without sacrificing taste or time. I enjoy the entire range, but my favourite meals would have to be the Lemon Pepper Chicken and the Pulled Roast Beef.


Although I’m really happy with results, there were moments during my weight loss journey where giving up seemed like the easiest option. Before seeking advice from a trainer, I found it hard to stick to a consistent weekly training regime. I tried a variety of different activities, but found that three bootcamp-style HIIT sessions per week and walking every other day is what helped kick me into action. Both of these training methods were super helpful to get me moving, increase my heart rate and improve my muscle memory before I felt comfortable enough to get into a gym and work out with my trainer.


Achieving results is one thing, but maintaining them is another. I quickly learned that a balance of regular exercise and clean eating is what will help sustain my progress. With this in mind, I aim to consume between 1500 and 2000 calories per day, depending on how intense my workouts are. My diet focuses primarily on whole foods, lean sources of protein and limiting sugar consumption. I also try to push harder and challenge myself with every workout session by aiming to achieve more reps, sets or weights.

Training outdoors with a trainer


While I’ve achieved my 20kg weight loss milestone, my fitness journey doesn’t end here - I’m in constant pursuit to do better than I did yesterday and accomplish new personal records, activities and goals.

Thanks to My Muscle Chef, I’ve been able to keep on track with portion control and no longer need to stress over meal prep! Their meals are perfect for lunch time in the office.

My parting advice for anyone hesitant to begin their weight loss journey is to take it one step at a time. Don’t be disheartened when results don’t happen straight away - small, incremental changes will add up and you’ll thank yourself when you start to see the difference in the mirror. A commitment to training consistently and eating healthily is the best habit you can develop - I’m twenty kilos lighter and loving my new routine!

To kickstart a fitness journey of your own, take the first step by choosing the meal plan that's right for you. Explore our range of goal based meal plans, including Performance, Muscle Gain and Calorie Control.

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