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Alanna's Weight Loss Win - "Stay the course - it is so worth it!”

22 March 2023

Alanna B

Contributor - My Muscle Chef Customer

In late 2017, Alanna’s body was at its weakest. A busy mum of 3 suffering a calf injury, she spent over 6 weeks recovering whilst still taking care of her children. During this rehabilitation, she experienced significant weight gain and eventually reached 135kg.

How did she feel? Awful at best. Alanna describes how walking around the supermarket left her out of breath, and how she didn’t have enough upper body strength to be able to complete the most basic tasks. This was when she made a promise to herself to turn her life around - for herself, and for her family.

With help from MYMC, Alanna transformed her health and lost a very impressive 70kg in body weight along the way! Read on to discover how she improved her life and maintained her results after 2 years...

Q: What was the first step you took to kickstart your weight loss journey?

A: I joined my local CrossFit centre at the start of my weight loss journey (Wiser1 CrossFit Ipswich) and trained 5 mornings a week. This was a brutal start to my weight loss journey, given how intense CrossFit can be, but an exciting and necessary step to shock my body after years of inactivity.

Q: What would your typical day of training involve?

Our workouts change daily, but generally consist of a strength piece first - squats and Olympic lifts like cleans or snatches - followed by a metcon, something to get you sweaty and leave you with all of the feel-good endorphins. These strength movements require a high intensity, so they really challenge the body to get stronger and more resilient!

Training at the gym

Q: What changes did you make to your diet to assist with weight loss?

A: Realising I was filling my body with empty calories from takeaway foods, my diet got a massive makeover when I discovered My Muscle Chef meals at my local IGA. I have never been fantastic at meal prepping and at times relied on frozen microwavable meals which never had ideal amounts of protein, lacked vegetables and had no flavour.

Once I started adding MYMC meals into my routine, life became a lot easier. It took the stress out of planning my lunch and dinners. I tend to eat MYMC meals for lunch daily and dinners 4-5 nights per week, tracking my protein targets. By having MYMC meals on hand, I don’t fall off the bandwagon by not being prepared and having to settle for something less optimal. The Crumbed Chicken and Chipotle Chicken have been game changers for me!

“Once I started adding MYMC meals into my routine, life became a lot easier. It took the stress out of planning my lunch and dinners.”

My Muscle Chef meals and snacks on a table

Q: What was the biggest challenge you faced during your journey to a healthier self? How did you overcome this?

A: Being a mum of 3 young children but needing to put myself first to make training or nutrition in line with my goals was difficult. I don’t rely on motivation alone as it only lasts for a short time - I find being disciplined the best approach.

Two years on, my Wiser1 CrossFit community has been a massive difference to my life and wellbeing. To be able to turn up everyday to a group of people that welcome you with a smile, leave my problems at the door and push my body to make it the most effective hour of my day is a win. When I have ever had any doubts about my self confidence, my CrossFit community they are there to set me straight. Being part of a community with training because you can stay accountable - if you don’t show up, you have a group of people that check in and ask, “Why? Is everything OK?” Plus, hurting from the training isn’t as bad when everyone in the room is hurting, too!

Training outdoors

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is finding it difficult to stay on track with their weight loss?

A: Stay the course - it is so worth it! If the temptation is too much, don’t keep junk foods at home. Set small goals along the way and reward yourself with non food items. If you have a meal that you didn’t plan to, that’s fine, go back to your normal meals from the next meal, not the next day, next week ect. Control the two things in life that you have total control over, your attitude and your effort.

Q: How has My Muscle Chef helped you to achieve your weight loss goals?

A: My Muscle Chef has been a lifesaver - convenient, tasty and the perfect balanced macros. Gone are the days of dieting on boring food! I have also relied on them when out and about many times - while everyone else is getting takeaway, it’s so easy to grab a MYMC meal instead and stay on track to my goal. Thank you My Muscle Chef for helping me achieve a healthier lifestyle!

To kickstart a health journey of your own, choose the MYMC meal plan that’s right for you.

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