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Akash’s Path to Podcasting - “Discovering MYMC gave me so much free time!”

2 March 2023

Akash G

Contributor - My Muscle Chef Customer

I’ve been subscribed to My Muscle Chef for a year and I couldn’t be happier with the effect it’s had on my life. Aside from providing me with a delicious variety of nutritious meals, it’s given me so much free time to begin many projects and organise my routine. Read on to see what a MYMC subscription can do for your life...


My journey with My Muscle Chef began in November 2019. In my time before this, I did a lot of cooking. I opted for fresh, whole foods and cooked them in bulk as part of my usual “Meal Prep Sunday” routine.

As a student at the Australian National University in Canberra, studying Marketing and Management with a focus on Commerce, my typical weekday involved classes in the AM, followed by a brief lunch break, then resuming classes from afternoon 'til the evening. This became my regular schedule and worked for me for a while, but I soon discovered that when time was precious (crunch-time due to assignments, exams etc.), I would reluctantly cook the same simple meal over and over.

This repetition got boring and monotonous, and at this moment, I realised I craved change. Meal prep soon became way too repetitive. The task of cooking it again and again, washing up, grocery shopping; the time added up and it simply wasn't working out for me anymore.

“Experimenting with different kinds of foods has also always been important to me, as I enjoy learning new things and new ways to improve my nutrition.”

From this realisation, began my journey of discovering whether meal delivery systems were right for me. I browsed many websites but didn’t try anything until August 2019. I tried another meal prep service for a month, but found that they had a limited menu and the meals tasted mediocre.

Cooking food on a stove


After a friend had previously recommended My Muscle Chef to me, I came across an ad and decided to give it a try. I really liked the website design and interface and thought the menu was excellent, offering vegetarian meals, non-vegetarian meals and a good selection of different protein types to create a diverse menu. The nutritional value of the meal was also a very big plus.

An avid meal prepper, nutrition has always been the top priority for me. MYMC gave me access to flexibility and variety. Rather than having the same old chicken & rice every day, I could easily substitute it with one of the many pasta, noodle or burrito bowl options available from MYMC. I was overweight for most of my childhood, and my weight loss has been six years in the making, although this isn't the primary focus of my overall journey.

“After cooking for so long, discovering MYMC meant I suddenly had so much free time.

This free time had an immensely positive impact on my life. Free time resulted in a boost in energy and motivation. I developed the motivation to learn a new language and start my own podcast back in April, when COVID-19 was in full swing. Due to the pandemic, I was obviously spending a lot of time at home and my friend inspired me to start a food blog, as I was an avid Instagram foodie. While I thought this was a good initial idea, I wanted the blog to encompass more than just food.

“My newfound freedom gave me the chance to think about the things I’m passionate about, like self improvement, meeting new people and understanding their perspective, however diverse or unorthodox it may be.”

This is what fuelled my fire to start my podcast, The Modern Z. This podcast enables students in different countries with different degrees to come together to discuss ideas, issues and topics collaboratively to gain well-rounded and worldly insights.

Akash’s Path to Podcasting


A lot of podcasts focus on experts and their opinions, but there aren't many podcasts that are dedicated to or aimed at resonating with students and their knowledge, insights and opinions. At times, students don't have a dedicated platform to voice their insights and due to a lack of professional experience and a perceived lack of credibility, their voices can get lost in the crowd. University students think quite differently to the average corporate adult. They represent the future of our society and are able to think critically and innovatively on any given topic to form a well-rounded opinion.

The podcast spans topics from health & fitness, philosophy, careers, technology, business and anything trendy and educational. The Modern Z inspires thoughts, stories and experiences of students all around the world to be shared and helps me develop my knowledge and understanding of various cultures, belief systems and societal standpoints. An eye-opening experience for me was hosting a podcast featuring a Dutch student discussing the complexities of data privacy in the Netherlands. In addition to my blog and podcast, I have learned a new language and even taken up playing a new instrument.

On top of this, I am also working on a YouTube channel to bring the students’ thoughts, stories and experiences to life visually. This is a work in progress, but a venture that was made possible with the time gained back from incorporating My Muscle Chef meals into my routine.

Akash’s Path to Podcasting

“MYMC not only saves me plenty of time on food prep, but also ensures I get the nutrients I need in addition to the fantastic flavour and taste of every meal.”

I've been a MYMC subscriber for a year now, and the flexibility of a subscription makes my week even easier! The no-commitment aspect of it, being able to edit my meal selection and choose between the wide variety of meals available on the menu is amazing.


My routine before MYMC was disorganised. I would forget ingredients, be unavailable to cook because I was busy, or just have a lack of motivation to cook as I was worn down. My routine now with MYMC is so much more convenient. My meals are stacked, so it's easy and fuss-free, I have more time each day to do the things I love, and just feel more freedom and less stress.

To kickstart a My Muscle Chef journey of your own, take the first step by choosing the meal plan that's right for you. Explore our Menu Builder or range of goal-based meal plans or fixed plans to suit every taste or lifestyle.

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